How to Have a quiet Time

According to “DiscipleHelps: A DiscipleYouth Daily Quiet Time Guide”, there are two essential steps for developing a Quiet Time.

  • Make a commitment to observe a Quiet Time daily.
  • Develop a plan to observe your Quiet Time daily.

Let’s briefly deal with both of these issues.

In order to have a daily Quiet Time, it is up to you! No one can force you to have fellowship with God. Only you can make the decision to be actively involved in this wonderful experience. Therefore, you must make the willful choice to do it! After you have experienced the joy yourself, it will be easier for you to maintain this discipline. However, to get things started, YOU MUST MAKE THE DECISION TO DO IT! Why not make that decision right now?

Once you have made the decision to have a Quiet Time, it is necessary to develop your strategy or plan. In developing your strategy, you need the following items:

  • A definite time.
  • A definite place.
  • The right tools.
  • The right attitude.

First, pick a good time when you can meet God on a regular basis. Most people seem to prefer the morning, but the evening or afternoon is just as good. The main thing is to make it a regular part of your daily schedule. Just like you have a special time to practice your favorite sport or musical instrument, you need a special time to meet with God.

Second, pick a special place to meet God. Find a location free from distractions and interruptions. Just as you desire to have a quiet place to meet with that someone special in your life, it is nice to have a special “get-a-way” location for your meetings with God. Any particular place is as good as another, just find the place that is best for you.

Third, have the right tools available for your Quiet Time. This means items like your Bible, paper to take notes (such as the Quiet Time Notes contained in this booklet), and a pen or pencil to record your thoughts. Another important item is some type of prayer list. Again, there are sample pages in this booklet which you might want to use as a guideline in developing your own personalized Quiet Time tools.

Fourth, have the right attitude when you come to meet God. Remember, you are meeting with GOD. He is your best friend and He loves you, but nonetheless, He is still GOD. Give Him the reverence that is due Him. Likewise, when you enter your Quiet Time, come with an open heart and mind. Be ready to allow God to minister to all of your needs. Be honest with God. He knows how you feel, so relax and be yourself!

Finally, keep on keeping on! As you are developing this good habit of meeting with God daily, you may occasionally miss a day. If you do, do not quit! If you miss a meal due to your busy schedule, you don’t give up eating! Therefore, why should you stop having your Quiet Time just because you missed a day or two? Quiet Times are not always easy, but they are always valuable. If you see a pattern developing which keeps you from having a consistent Quiet Time, change your schedule or change the time you have scheduled for your Quiet Time. Talk with others and discover when and how they have their time alone with God. The main thing is keep trying…don’t quit!